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"A beautiful osmosis that gives back force, originality and modernity to chamber music" GUITARE CLASSIQUE

"A beautifully and carefully played, often virtuoso in the good sense of the word, and especially very attractive arrangements, well done." TRAD MAGAZINE

Trio in Uno was born from the friendship between the Brazilians Pablo Schinke (cello) and José Ferreira (7-string guitar) and Italian Giulia Tamanini (saxophones), forming a new ensemble full of energy and partnership.


By combining the flavor and spontaneity of popular music with the expression of classical music, they arrange and interpret the music of great Brazilian composers such as Egberto Gismonti, Sergio Assad, Hermeto Pascoal, Marco Pereira and Radamés Gnattali.


Together, the three musicians built a solid sound where the cello, the 7-string guitar and the saxophone blended into a unique, vigorous and refined body, crystallizing Trio In Uno in 2014.


In July 2015, they released their first album entitled "Lilas". The opus was enthusiastically received by the public and acclaimed by critics in France and internationally (Trad Magazine, Guitar Classique, Paris Guitar Foundation); they have been invited to radio and television programs, including RFI (Radio France Internationale, France), Super Radio Brasilia (Brazil), FM Cultura (Brazil), TV Globo (Brazil).


In 2017, Trio in Uno inaugurated its newest project "Trio in Uno and Orchestra". With their own arrangements, the trio brings a new dressing to this great repertoire. Ovationed by the public, they performed concerts with the Chamber Orchestra Ulbra (Porto Alegre) and the Goiania Symphony Orchestra.


They have performed and collaborated with renowned artists such as Vincent Segal, Nicolas Krassik, Marcos Sacramento, Sergio Assad, Paulo Pereira, Paulo Bellinati, Cristima Azuma and Daniel Murray.


In addition to performing, Trio in Uno gives workshops and masterclasses to share their experience and passion for music.


Since 2015, the Trio has regularly toured in Brazil and performed in prestigious concert halls and festivals in Europe.

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Pablo Schinke cello


Born in João Pessoa, Brazil, Pablo started cello lessons at the age of 9. In 2010 he received a full tuition scholarship from the University of Southern Mississippi and moved to the United States. During his stay in North America, Pablo played with various orchestras such as Southern Miss Symphony Orchestra, Gulf Coast Symphony, Symphony Meridian among others. He was a finalist in the Young Artist Competition in Spokane (WA). He moved to Paris in 2012 to study at the Conservatoire National de Versailles, where he specialized in ancient music and received a diploma of “Licence en musique” from the University of Saint-Quentin en Yvellines. In France he worked with many contemporary composers such as Thérèse Brenet, Philippe Hersant, and Daniel Teruggi, with whom he collaborated on the electroacoustic piece “Doppie Fontane”.

He received lessons from renowned cello teachers such as Ophelie Gaillard, Xenia Yankovich, Viktor Uzur, Stephan Forck, Romain Garioud, Damien Ventula and Vincent Segal. He has also participated in many music academies in Brazil, the United States and Europe, and has won a Scholarship to the International Summer Academy in Austria.

In 2015 he released his first album “Lilas” with the Trio in Uno, and participated in 3 tours in Brazil. He also learned jazz and improvisation with Vincent Segal, Magik Malik e Bojan Z, and is currently finishing his diploma in “Music Perfectionement” with Romain Garioud.

Currently living in Paris, he is constantly collaborating with artists in France, in projects that range from classical chamber music, soloist and orchestra member, baroque ensembles, theater music, music and dance, Brazilian and all kinds of music styles. Pablo also currently teaches the cello at the “Atelier musical de l'Oise”.

Jose ferreira guitar


José is a Brazilian guitarist born in 1979, in São Paulo, Brazil. He started learning as a self-taught guitarist in his home town Goiania, where his talent was soon apparent. The desire to develop his style through various musical influences led him to travel extensively throughout the United States, Argentina, The Netherlands, and France. These journeys would broaden his musical horizons and expand his collaborations with numerous musicians. In 1999, José and guitarist Ricardo Mello formed a duo called Douba, and moved to the United States to perform and record. They released two albums: “Soundflower” in 2001, and “Latitude” in 2003. José released his first solo album “Violao e Cordas” (“Guitar and Strings”) in 2005. Accompanied by Kailin Young on the violin, Evan Orman on the cello and string orchestra, he recorded works by Villa-Lobos, Radamés Gnattali and Astor Piazzolla.

He moved to Paris in 2006 to study at the “Ecole Normale de Musique” with the renowned guitarist Alberto Ponce. After graduating he joined and formed new Brazilian music ensembles in Paris and performed concerts in France, Russia, Spain, Germany, Belgium, the United States, Brazil and Paraguay.

His engaged discography and performing experience show a versatile musician, going brilliantly and easily from solo, duet, trio and other ensembles to concertos with Orchestra. In 2015 he recorded the album "Lilas" with the group Trio in Uno. Currently he shares his enthusiasm and passion for Brazilian music with Parisian audiences, frequently performing with groups such as Duo In Uno, Trio In Uno, Travessias, and Bécots da Lappa and lecturing workshops at music schools.

giulia tamanini sax


Born in 1988, in Trento, Italy, Giulia grew up in a very musical family who influenced and inspired her love of music at an early age. She began playing the saxophone at eight years old, and three years later she was admitted to The Bonporti Conservatory in Trento, where she graduated with honours in 2007. During her studies, she had the opportunity to take part in masterclasses with internationally renowned artists, such as Fabrizio Mancuso, Jean-Denis Michat, Sylvain Malézieux, Gilles Tressos, and Federico Mondelci. In September 2010, studying under the noted teachers Armando Ghidoni and Pepito Ros, she received the Second Level Academic Diploma in Saxophone from the Bonporti Conservatory in Trento with top marks and special mention. During this period, she played in the Festival Pergine Spettacolo Aperto Orchestra, the J Futura Orchestra, and in various chamber ensembles: saxophone and piano duet, saxophone and vibraphone duet, saxophone quartet. After moving to Paris in 2010, she continued her studies at the CNR of Boulogne Billancourt, where she obtained the “Diplôme d'études musicales” under the guidance of saxophonist Jean-Michel Goury. Life in Paris proves to be essential for her musical development and gives her the opportunity to meet and work with other artists. Of particular importance is the relationship with the Brazilian guitarist José Ferreira with whom she formed the group Duo in Uno in 2012. Having traveled to and performed several times in Brazil, Giulia expands her experience and feeds her passion for Brazilian music. Nowadays she concentrates her artistic activity performing with the groups Duo In Uno, Trio In Uno, Travessias and Bécots da Lappa. In 2015, she recorded her first album "Lilas" with the group Trio In Uno. She performs in prestigious Parisian venues such as the New Morning, the Studio de l'Ermitage, the Sunset-Sunside Jazz Club, and internationally (England, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Brazil and Paraguay).

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